Look See Do

Look See Do Brief Technology Description Looksee.do has developed a cutting-edge 3D communication platform that works on mobile or desktop to improve equipment infrastructure operations. By enabling remote support to […]

EDC Rainwater Harvesting System

EDC Tank Brief Technology Description The EDC Rainwater Harvesting System is a revolutionary new development in rainwater harvesting for urban residential homes. The system has been designed to fulfill a […]

The Pipe Condition Assessment device

University of Cape town  Brief Technology Description The Pipe Condition Assessment device is a new invention based on more than 15 years of research into the behaviour of pipe leaks. […]


Isidima  Brief Technology Description The DEWdrop is a Decentralised Ecological Wastewater treatment system with modular design that provides convenient harvesting and reuse of domestic greywater. It can recycle up to […]

Eco Bond

Techneco Brief Technology Description Ecobond strengthens soil and makes it water resistant. It harvests and stores rain water. Ecobond ponds also treats waste water at low cost. It also provides road layers, […]

Leak Detection Systems

Aquatrip Brief Technology Description AquaTrip is a permanently installed water leak detection and reaction system that monitors the flow of water into one’s property from 15-100mm pipe diameters. If a […]

Arumloo toilet

Isidima  Brief Technology Description The Arumloo is a beautiful, innovative toilet capable of flushing on less than two litres of water.  Inspired by the elegant form of the Arum Lily, the […]