Brief Technology Description

AquaTrip is a permanently installed water leak detection and reaction system that monitors the flow of water into one’s property from 15-100mm pipe diameters. If a leak, burst pipe, dripping toilets cistern, urinal or geyser is detected the, AquaTrip will automatically shut off the water warning you that there is a leak on the property. The AquaTrip also has various preset options available and management platforms with internet connections and programming.

Next Steps Required

For Government departments i.e.; Education, Public Works and Human Settlements to adopt and roll out to all properties.

Key Personnel

Weaver Simmons, Chris De Wet Steyn

Company Background

The company was established in 2009.

Detailed Technology Description 

Technology Applications


Testing and Demonstration Results

Papers and Publications

IP Status

Patent No: 2016/04066.

Website     Aquatrip

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