Look See Do

Brief Technology Description

Looksee.do has developed a cutting-edge 3D communication platform that works on mobile or desktop to improve equipment infrastructure operations. By enabling remote support to technicians and artisans in the field, equipment downtime is reduced, asset management and utilisation is improved, and inexperienced workers are upskilled.

Next Steps Required

The Looksee.do remote support platform is currently being piloted by Johannesburg Water. The next steps will be to roll out the solution in a larger context and integrate it to Asset management systems.

Key Personnel

Dean Hodgskiss – Project Leader

Company Background

Looksee.do was founded in 2013 after recognising the many challenges that exist in Heath technology management in Africa. A key reason for this is that there is a shortage of critical skills required for the operation, management and maintenance of such technology. It has since become apparent that these challenges exist in other infrastructure equipment industries such as water.

Detailed Technology Description


Technology Applications

At a high level, the technology is a tool to improve efficiency of existing equipment infrastructure. It does so in the following ways:


The remote support platform operates on extremely low bandwidths of under 1kbps for standard operation. In addition, it works on mid-level smart devices and PCs, no other hardware required.

Testing and Demonstration Results 

The technology is currently being piloted by Johannesburg Water. Results are not yet available.

Papers and Publications 

No papers have been published yet

IP Status 

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