Brief Technology Description

The Arumloo is a beautiful, innovative toilet capable of flushing on less than two litres of water Inspired by the elegant form of the Arum Lily, the patented design of the Arumloo defines a new standard in toilet efficiency.

Next Steps Required

We are currently in the first production phase of the Arumloo. It is being manufactured in ceramic and plastic materials.  The first provisional orders are being taken at the moment.

Key Personnel

Company Background

Arumloo (Pty) Ltd (Company Registration 2016/338990/07) was formed in 2016 in order to take the Arumloo design to market.  It is a SBC devoted to ensuring the success of the Arumloo, and other water saving technologies.

Detailed Technology Description

Technology Applications


The prototype is operational on less than 2 litres per flush.

Testing and Demonstration Results

Papers and Publications

IP Status

International Patent Number:  WO2016/063257 A1

website Isidima

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  1. We are eagerly waiting for this product to become commercially available before starting our bathroom renovations. As we live in Cape Town the Arum Loo makes perfect sense, and will be taking the place of outdated cisterns, but when is it expected to be on the market?

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