Brief Technology Description

Ecobond strengthens soil and makes it water resistant. It harvests and stores rain water. Ecobond ponds also treats waste water at low cost. It also provides road layers, dust control and many other innovations.

Next Steps Required

The use of Ecobond for more durable National, Provincial and Municipal roads at lower cost. SA Development Bank is requested to grant funds for feasibility study. SADB is requested to coordinate 14 government departments, donors and private sector to implement Foodmaker System and roads just like all their other products. United Nations IFAD and their 37 associates implement through their existing structures.

Key Personnel

Henri de Bruyn  Managing Director
Frans de Bruyn   Executive Engineer
Peter Matea  Technical Specialist

Company Background

Techneco supplies Ecobond soil stabilizing innovations since 1999. The quest started in April 1994 when Presidents Mandela and de Klerk asked every South African to do what he or she can to improve conditions for our people.

Detailed Technology Description

Technology Applications

Ecobond BituForce bases and sub-bases on surfaced pavement structures make roads more durable at reduced cost. Ecobond DuraGrav gravel reduces re-graveling costs. It is cheaper to re-gravel once in 10 years instead of 2 or 3 times. It reduces or eliminates dust and corrugations. One average Ecobond Foodmaker system harvests 250 000 litres p.a. (SA average rainfall) and stores 80 000 litres for 2 families at US$1200. Rural people can then create their own jobs, food and income. Ecobond Dust Control sprays builds up cumulatively reducing costs with fewer sprays.


Testing and Demonstration Results

More than 3000 laboratory tests (University of Pretoria, Agrement SA/ CSIR, SANAS laboratories, etc.) and projects proved conclusively that Ecobond works. Ecobond was certified by Agrement SA, member of WFTAO (World Federation of Technical Assessment Organizations – like an SABS for good new products.)

Papers and Publications

Ecobond papers have been published in the Engineering Journal (SA) and widely studied and discussed by leading engineers and specialists in these fields in SA and abroad.

IP Status

Ecobond is patented in major countries and further patent applications have been lodged. Ecobond knowhow is considerable with 127 innovations.

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