Look See Do

Look See Do Brief Technology Description Looksee.do has developed a cutting-edge 3D communication platform that works on mobile or desktop to improve equipment infrastructure operations. By enabling remote support to […]

The Pipe Condition Assessment device

University of Cape town  Brief Technology Description The Pipe Condition Assessment device is a new invention based on more than 15 years of research into the behaviour of pipe leaks. […]


Isidima  Brief Technology Description The DEWdrop is a Decentralised Ecological Wastewater treatment system with modular design that provides convenient harvesting and reuse of domestic greywater. It can recycle up to […]

Eco Bond

Techneco Brief Technology Description Ecobond strengthens soil and makes it water resistant. It harvests and stores rain water. Ecobond ponds also treats waste water at low cost. It also provides road layers, […]


Mintek Brief Technology Description Minfurn  is a new generation energy efficient furnace for regeneration of activated carbon. It uses Direct Resistive Heating technology that generates heat inside the carbon bed by […]

Pumps and controls for wastewater treatment

Xylem Brief Technology Description Xylem is a global pump solution company, in South Africa we represent the following brands within the Xylem Stable, namely Flygt (submersible dewatering, wastewater, mixers and […]

Biogas Testing Facility

Stellenbosch university Brief Technology Description Development of an internationally certified biogas testing facility is underway to provide industry with reliable data on the water reclamation and energy potential of their […]

Mobile Fermentation Plant

Stellenbosch University Brief Technology Description Processing of water-rich, cellulosic industrial and municipal waste streams employing in-tandem fermentation and anaerobic digestion. Opportunity is offered to generate energy (ethanol, methane) with integrated […]


SeeCard Brief Technology Description SeeCard is a customisable system to collect, manage and share information, particularly in challenging or remote settings. Building on your organization’s existing practices, SeeCard uses tools to […]

Lusec sanitation solution

Brief Technology Description The LUSEC Sanitation Solution is a dignified, healthy and sustainable solution to  sanitation and recycling, without water. The lack of water ensures that there is no smell, […]