Brief Technology Description

SeeCard is a customisable system to collect, manage and share information, particularly in challenging or remote settings. Building on your organization’s existing practices, SeeCard uses tools to make data collection and management easier for both for those submitting information and those using it to make decisions.

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Key Personnel

David Schaub-Jones-Director

Company Background

SeeSaw, a Cape-Town based social enterprise founded in 2012, works with governments, NGOs, and private companies to provide training, advice, and software to strengthen environmental- and community-oriented projects in developing countries.  The strength is particular water and sanitation, although the demand is increasingly elsewhere too.

Detailed Technology Description

SeeCard is customised each time to the client’s needs by a) undertaking a needs assessment b) understanding the existing systems in place and c) working with the client to customise the different ‘modules’ that make up their reporting platform.  SeeCard can import your existing data set or build it from scratch using our array of user-friendly tools.  These include SeeTell – a free ‘missed call’ system to relay information; Snapture – an app that turns your android phone into an ‘intelligent camera’; and SeeView – an Android app where you can pull up details on your assets, staff, beneficiaries or ‘jobs’ – and add to them via a range of intelligent dropdown menus, as well as capture GPS, photos, etc. The tools we use to collect data are particularly suited to contexts where reporters need help – they may work outdoors, wear gloves, use basic phones, struggle with literacy or just not have a good internet connection. SeeCard can also integrate with your existing processes and systems, as well as display information in various formats (examples being email and SMS alerts; customised PDF reports emailed to different groups; editable online maps; and 3rd party databases and project management tools, such as Trello and Airtable; etc.).

Technology Applications

SeeCard is particularly applicable for asset management (e.g. managing operations and maintenance of water points), environmental monitoring (e.g. monitoring pollution along a river), construction monitoring (e.g. building low-cost housing, replacing water meters), and payment-by-results frameworks (e.g. distributing funds based on accomplishment of some task).


Testing and Demonstration Results

Papers and Publications

IP Status

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