Impact Free Water Brief Technology Description Pump that uses wave energy directly to pre-filter and pump seawater at the required pressure (up to 150 bars) for the intended pressure. In […]

EDC Rainwater Harvesting System

EDC Tank Brief Technology Description The EDC Rainwater Harvesting System is a revolutionary new development in rainwater harvesting for urban residential homes. The system has been designed to fulfill a […]

Eco Bond

Techneco Brief Technology Description Ecobond strengthens soil and makes it water resistant. It harvests and stores rain water. Ecobond ponds also treats waste water at low cost. It also provides road layers, […]


Mintek Brief Technology Description Minfurn  is a new generation energy efficient furnace for regeneration of activated carbon. It uses Direct Resistive Heating technology that generates heat inside the carbon bed by […]

Biogas Testing Facility

Stellenbosch university Brief Technology Description Development of an internationally certified biogas testing facility is underway to provide industry with reliable data on the water reclamation and energy potential of their […]

MASROE process

CSIR Brief Technology Description Recovery of drinking water and valuable minerals from acid mine drainage using MASROE process Next Steps Required Development of a pilot plant Key Personnel Dr. Vhahangwele […]