Impact Free Water

Brief Technology Description

Pump that uses wave energy directly to pre-filter and pump seawater at the required pressure (up to 150 bars) for the intended pressure. In this case for replacing the high-pressure pumps on a RO( Reverse Osmosis) desalination system in order to operate the RO system using zero electricity, but rather producing electricity as a by-product.

Next Steps Required

Scale up the technology to the T4 and T10 unit sizes to optimise wave energy conditions and cost efficiency. Demonstrate these scaled up versions in a semi-commercial environment as a showcase for future customers.

Key Personnel

Simon Wijnberg
Anton Berkovitz
Craig Matthysen
Neil Parker

Company Background

Detailed Technology Description


– SWRO desalination at 70 bars
– Power generation at 150 bars
– Mariculture at low pressures determined by the altitude of the header tank it feeds into (here the pre-filtration capability is a unique selling point of great interest to the industry)


The scalability affords it the ability to optimise the local wave conditions
The modular capability enables the system to be:

. Sized to the clients requirements
. Optimise the use of the pipelines
. Optimise the use of the end process it feeds into
. Optimise the cost efficiency of the system

    SWRO – in addition to the production of potable water:
. Power generation
. Mariculture
. Mineral recovery

  Power generation – in addition to power:

. Pre-filtered seawater provision for any process, for example:

Conventional SWRO
Salt extraction

   Land based Mariculture – in addition to the power savings of using the tech to pump high volumes of seawater through the farm:

. Pre-filtration – mitigate red-tide events and other contaminants
. Temperature flux mitigation
. Power generation

Technology Applications


RO capability demonstrated in 2015. Presently setting up a demonstration to capture wave energy with accurate wave data recording capability. This data will be available in 2018.

Testing and Demonstration Results 

RO capability demonstrated in 2015.

Papers and Publications 

Available upon request. WRC conference proceeding

IP Status 

South African patent

website – Impact free water


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