Impact Free Water Brief Technology Description Pump that uses wave energy directly to pre-filter and pump seawater at the required pressure (up to 150 bars) for the intended pressure. In […]

EDC Rainwater Harvesting System

EDC Tank Brief Technology Description The EDC Rainwater Harvesting System is a revolutionary new development in rainwater harvesting for urban residential homes. The system has been designed to fulfill a […]


Isidima¬† Brief Technology Description The DEWdrop is a Decentralised Ecological Wastewater treatment system with modular design that provides convenient harvesting and reuse of domestic greywater. It can recycle up to […]

Gate 5 Energy System

FinnZa – Gate 5 Brief Technology Description The Gate 5 Energy System (G5ES) is a¬†highly scalable carbon neutral, thermal, non-incineration, process that can efficiently keep a variety of biomass and […]

MASROE process

CSIR Brief Technology Description Recovery of drinking water and valuable minerals from acid mine drainage using MASROE process Next Steps Required Development of a pilot plant Key Personnel Dr. Vhahangwele […]