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Brief Technology Description

The Flushy SA is a plumbing retrofit device, that installs within most single/front flush toilet systems. When correctly installed the water will only flow when the handle is depressed and stop once handle is let go. The Flushy thereby saves more than 50% of water used per flush.

Next Steps Required

None the Flushy is 100% market ready. It requires marketing support to commercialize it.

Key Personnel

Managing Director –  Mr Molefi Letoao
Sales And Marketing –   Ms Rozanne Ley

Company Background

The Device was developed and Patented in 2015 by Mr. WR Castle, the IP was thereafter sold to the current Director Mr Molefi Letoao.

Detailed Technology Description

Technology Applications

Potable Water Conservation.  Utility Bill Savings. Correction of leaking (continuous running) caused by fault level mechanism.


The amount of water is controlled by the user. Typically the average single flush system uses 9 – 15 litres of water. The Flushy is capable of up to 4 flushes per tank. Our tests have shown than an average of 50% of water used during flushing will be saved after installation for up to 3 years of normal household use.

Testing and Demonstration Results

Flushy SA Completed a large-scale Pilot Project in 2016

Demonstration results

Papers and Publications

IP Status

SA Patent Pending 2015/04950

website Flushy SA

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