Flushy SA

Siyathanda Trading Brief Technology Description The Flushy SA is a plumbing retrofit device, that installs within most single/front flush toilet systems. When correctly installed the water will only flow when […]

Gate 5 Energy System

FinnZa – Gate 5 Brief Technology Description The Gate 5 Energy System (G5ES) is a highly scalable carbon neutral, thermal, non-incineration, process that can efficiently keep a variety of biomass and […]

Ecoloo toilet

Ecoloo Brief Technology Description ECOLOO’s Award Winning Solutions are based on the principals of simplicity, scalability, environmental responsibility and economic viability. ECOLOO Sustainable Sanitation Technology is environmentally friendly, odourless, waterless, […]

MASROE process

CSIR Brief Technology Description Recovery of drinking water and valuable minerals from acid mine drainage using MASROE process Next Steps Required Development of a pilot plant Key Personnel Dr. Vhahangwele […]

Leak Detection Systems

Aquatrip Brief Technology Description AquaTrip is a permanently installed water leak detection and reaction system that monitors the flow of water into one’s property from 15-100mm pipe diameters. If a […]

Arumloo toilet

Isidima  Brief Technology Description The Arumloo is a beautiful, innovative toilet capable of flushing on less than two litres of water.  Inspired by the elegant form of the Arum Lily, the […]