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Arumloo toilet


Brief Technology Description

The Arumloo is a beautiful, innovative toilet capable of flushing on less than two litres of water Inspired by the elegant form of the Arum Lily, the patented design of the Arumloo defines a new standard in toilet efficiency.

Next Steps Required

We are currently in the first production phase of the Arumloo. It is being manufactured in ceramic and plastic materials.  The first provisional orders are being taken at the moment.

Key Personnel

  • Debbie Harris
  • Jonny Harris
  • Sabelo Domo

Company Background

Arumloo (Pty) Ltd (Company Registration 2016/338990/07) was formed in 2016 in order to take the Arumloo design to market.  It is a SBC devoted to ensuring the success of the Arumloo, and other water saving technologies.

Detailed Technology Description

  • Flushes on less than 2 litres (one-third of normal flush volume)
  • Superior quality toilet available in ceramic or plastic
  • Developed in partnership with the Water Research Commission and WADER
  • Flush with confidence (effective performance)
  • Flush with peace of mind (reduced water footprint)
  • The ‘greenest’ low flush toilet on the market
  • Due to the altered P trap and shape of the pan, the Arumloo is able to flush on significantly less water than conventional toilets.  Both of these aspects are protected by International Patent.

Technology Applications

  • Retrofits in existing buildings in order to increase water efficiency
  • Installations in new builds
  • The plastic Arumloo is more suited to community settings such as schools


The prototype is operational on less than 2 litres per flush.

Testing and Demonstration Results

  • Laboratory tests have shown the Arumloo design to set a new standard in water efficiency as it clearly is able to flush debris from the pan on less than 2 litres of water, effectively.
  • Currently, there are two Arumloo toilets being tested in schools in Johannesburg as part of a WADER project.

Papers and Publications

  • Presented technology at African Utility Week 2017, and numerous similar events.
  • Global Clean Tech Innovation Program Finalist 2016.

IP Status

International Patent Number:  WO2016/063257 A1

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