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Ion water device

Lightning Africa Group

Brief Technology Description

The Ion Water device transforms normal water into sanitized and ionized water, killing bacteria and energizing the water,without the use of electricity or any chemicals.

Next Steps Required

Key Personnel

Hsiao-Ying (Gavin) Kung
Dr. M. A. Noorbhai

Company Background

Lighting Afrika Group was established in 2015 with the mission of Improving lifestyle with clean energy solution which arose from the belief that our Professional service, quality product and innovative idea will benefit families, communities and the next generation.

Detailed Technology Description

Ion Water’s device uses the normal water pressure of your tap, in which the water passes through a magnetic field transforming water into hydroxide ions which are  hydroxyl radical and hydronium ions. The smaller water molecules are so energized that it is able to kill over 99.9% of most harmful bacteria and it is easier to wash off pesticides from fruits and vegetables.

Energized and polarized positive Hydrogen ion (H⁺) and negative Oxygen ion (O¯) in ionized water react with the protein structure of bacteria, making the bacteria and fungal inactive.

Technology Applications

Apply the Ion Water Device onto the mixer taps by changing the aerator or installing on the in-line under the basin/sink and ionized water will run through the tap.


Kills 99.9% of bacteria in water, killing E.coli and Salmonella energizing the water to reduce the usage of chemical detergent(dishwashing liquid).

Testing and Demonstration Results

Passed test by SABS SANS 241
Passed bacterial test by EMSL(USA)
Passed NAMSA test
Passed test by SGS(HK)

Papers and Publications

IP Status

Registered patent at USA, China, Korea and Japan.

website Lightning Africa group

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