The WRC has entered into a partnership with The Water Research Foundation (WRF) to establish a Global Innovation Co-Hub. WRF has a platform called The Leaders Innovation Forum for Technology (LIFT) which is an initiative that focuses on helping to bring new water technologies to the field quickly and efficiently.

The Co-Hub aims to provide:

  • Facilitation of technology information exchange between South Africa and the U.S.A i.e. access to the range of technologies available and vice versa through online access and webinars.
  • Identification of promising technologies for demonstration either in a South African or U.S environment.
  • Co-funding and matchmaking opportunities among innovators, investors, test beds etc.
  • An exchange programme for utility staff in both countries to visit other utilities to strengthen skills, competencies and exposure to best practice and innovation.

For more information regarding WRF and LIFT Link, please visit the helpful links below:

FAQ page:

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